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BMO Blockchain Solutions is proud to work with many great projects and businesses around the world. Let BMO provide technical or compute assistance for your next blockchain project! If interested in partnership such as beta testing, validator, node tutorials, hosting and more please reach out to

A comprehensive suite of decentralized computing services and blockchain-as-a-service solutions. The Flux ecosystem consists of: Fluxnodes’ decentralized infrastructure, FluxOS cloud operating system, Zelcore self-custody multi-asset wallet and blockchain app suite, and finally the Flux blockchain for on-chain governance, economics, and parallel assets to provide interoperability with other blockchains and DeFi access.

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Presearch is a community-powered, decentralized search engine that provides better results while protecting your privacy and rewarding you when you search.

We believe that the best way to compete with the massive, centralized and monopolistic corporation that currently dominates search is to build a framework that enables people from all over the world to collaborate to build an open and decentralized search engine.

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Peer to peer network connectivity protocol and ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain.

The NKN network always finds the most optimal route to it’s destination. Using our own “proximity routing” algorithm, data is always taking the fastest possible relayers.

NKN’s novel MOCA consensus algorithm is horizontally scalable and supports an arbitrary number of consensus nodes. NKN mainnet can support millions of full consensus nodes, more than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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